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CONSOLHUB : T&C International Shipping rates LCL | Consolhub

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All Information is online including documentation, invoices and status.

Terms and Conditions for Customers and Users of the Web Site


1. Scope of the service

1.1. These terms and conditions may undergo occasional changes and apply to each and all the services directly or indirectly provided through the Internet, e-mail, or phone.

1.2. By using our web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted these terms and conditions and the privacy policies, which include the use of cookies.

2. Services and agreements

2.1. On Consulhub's web site you will be able to compare freight services from third parties, using Consulhub's system.

2.2. Consulhub does not provide the services that you hire. Consulhub's services are limited to the possibility of purchasing services offered by third parties.

2.3. Consulhub is not accountable for services offered by third parties (the freight company) and acts only as an intermediary.

2.4. This agreement does not affect in any way other agreements that may exist between freight agents and users/customers.

2.5. Consulhub will issue a document confirming the booking of a service, which is not an official document and it sole purpose is to confirm data on the platform, official documents will be issued by providers of the service (consolidators-providers).

3. Consulhub's registered members with an active account

3.1. To become a member of Consulhub, Users may register and create an account. Registered Users of Consulhub's web site may see services offered by third parties and purchase such services.

3.2. By accessing and registering into Consulhub, Users may manage their personal information and hire services. To create an account, it is necessary to provide personal and/or your company information, that will be used to be able to provide by Consolhub and freight providers.

3.3. Users cannot register but once. Besides, they must ensure that their personal information is complete and correct.

3.4. Users must safeguard the privacy of the account's information, particularly the password. Also, they will be responsible for the use of their account, regarding Consulhub and third parties. Disclosure of this information to third parties is absolutely forbidden.

3.5. If Consulhub's services are used in an unauthorized way using inappropriate user names and passwords, registered Users must immediately notify Consulhub.

4. Privacy and e-mail marketing

4.1. For Consulhub, protecting personal information provided by Users is of the utmost importance. Thus, Consulhub will make all possible efforts to ensure compliance of data protection. For further information please refer to our privacy policy.

4.2. Consulhub gathers, processes and uses personal information (from now on “data”) only if you have given consent by accepting these terms and conditions.

4.3. Consolhub gathers, processes and uses data that are needed for performing the services that Consulhub offers and/or using and operating the web site/ the applications. Data included in purchase orders and bookings, and provided for shipment purposes, will be transmitted to service providers, so they may execute the hired services.

4.4. If Users accept to receive information about Consulhub during the registration process or, using Consulhub's services, at a later moment, Users will receive personal information about the product. Consent may be revoked at any moment in writing or through an e-mail. Consent for receiving e-mails follows your e-mail confirmation received by Consolhub. By clicking on the link in the e-mail, you register for receiving newsletters or information related with purchased services.

5. Termination

5.1. Consulhub may terminate access of Users and eliminate their registration, within the week after receiving by e-mail information regarding the improper use of the web site by the Users. Users may also terminate their own access and registration within the same period.

5.2. The right of immediate termination due to fair causes is not affected.

6. Accountability

6.1. Consulhub is not accountable for the exactness, quality, integrity, reliability, or credibility of content posted by users and/or freight providers, although Consolhub will aim is to verify all content posted.

6.2. All agreements reached through this service are between Consulhub users and the respective freight agents whose services are hired. Particularly, Consulhub does not at any moment directly act as a transporter or as a freight agent. The Freight Terms and Conditions will apply for the freight services provided by the third party. The User will need to accept those Terms when doing a Booking.

7. Forbidden, dangerous or otherwise unallowed goods

7.1. Consolhub does not allow to use its services for transporting forbidden, unallowed or illegal materials. Materials that are considered to be dangerous and or unauthorized or illegal are those substances or preparations (mixtures, conglomerates, and solutions classified as Class 8 or higher), and objects that contain substances which, due to their nature or physical and chemical characteristics, or because of their state during transportation, may pose any risks to safety or public order, specially to the community, for common property, or to the life and health of people or animals. Also, it is not allowed to transport any kind of livestock. Dangerous materials which may not be transported are also chemical substances, liquefied gas, fireworks, gasoline, heating oil, some kinds of fertilizers, and/or other easily flammable objects or fluids, some kinds of waste, any type of radioactive substance, or any other kind of material that may put in risk or harm the health of safety of people or property, amongst which the following may be enlisted: -Commercial merchandise forbidden by laws and regulations (smuggled articles, stolen goods or goods that proceed from illicit action against private property) -weapons, alcoholic beverages, and narcotics.