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CONSOLHUB : Faqs Ocean Freight shipping rates


Consolhub is an online platform that allows you select the best option for your next LCL Ocean freight shipment (Less than Container Load).

Simply input your desired route and you will be able to select the best options for:

- Ocean shipping companies
- Departures dates
- Transit days
- LCL Ocean shipping rates and prices

In just three steps you can find, choose and ship. Because shipping consolidated ocean freight has never been easier!

Consolhub saves you time by avoiding the multiple calls and emails that you need to do to get the best quote for your ocean freight needs. Get shipping costs online, upload your documentation and that’s it.

At this stage the service is only for international freight forwarders and Cargo agents and ocean shipping companies. Please register so we can let you know when the system will be open to importers and exporters.

Once the registration process is completed, you just have to input your desired route and make your sea freight LCL booking:

Follow these steps
-Chose the optimal option by comparing routes, days of transit and departure dates.
-Choose among the options of sea freight rates from different ocean shipping companies
-Make your sea freight booking by completing the required shipping information
-Choose a way of payment, “pay now” or “pay at arrival”

You will get the instructions to start your international shipping process with the freight shipping company that you selected.

Consolhub will be monitoring the whole process and will be your main point of contact for tracking your shipment and solve any questions and issues.

We are continuously working to include new international freight shipping companies and partners in order to offer you the greatest number of destinations for your ocean freight.

But If the route or destination you are looking for is not available, contact us. We can give you that additional service outside the platform and it will also help us to include new routes for LCL Ocean freight in Consolhub.com.

In the first stage we are focusing on the Mexican market by offering consolidated maritime transport to and from Mexico. Please sign up to receive information of new routes for ocean freight consolidated cargo and groupage.

Win time. In one place you can get international shipping rates for LCL consolidated shipments (Less then container load) and make your booking online. The online booking service is 24/7.

Earn Money, get the best sea freight rates for your import or export requirements from the best international freight shipping companies and International freight forwarders. Reduce your shipping costs using Consolhub.

Always have your information at hand: your bookings, shipments and bills online.

Beside finding in one place, different routes and departure dates, you will normally find better rates since we handle larger volumes with NVOCC and cargo consolidation and groupage companies.

Do not waste time looking for consolidated freight o shipping quotes sending multiple emails and calls. The entire process to obtain a consolidated shipping quote is online. From selecting your route and freight rate to doing your booking.

In addition, Consolhub offers support and assistance throughout the process from your registration to the delivery of your consolidated shipment.

At this stage the services is for international freight forwarders that require consolidated cargo services but we will soon include the service for companies that want to import and export their goods and get LCL sea freight rates.

Consolhub offers the option to insure your LCL consolidated freight. When entering the details of your booking, you will get the option of selecting if you wish to include insurance.

Make sure you have correctly written the port or destination in English, if you still can’t find the port of departure or destination that you are looking for, get in touch with us to help you find offline the best option for your ocean freight via telephone or email.

Let us know what destinations you did not find as we are constantly working with the best international shipping companies and international freight forwarders to include new routes. We will work hard so next time you will be to offer you the best sea freight rates and departure options for your less than container load (LCL) shipment.

In case of an inconvenience or problem with your booking order please contact us and we will support you to solve the problem. Please do not contact the shipping company directly. Contact us here or by Phone

In Consolhub you can get international shipping costs for consolidated LCL freight for general and dangerous goods cargo. For dangerous cargo the process requires one more step since we have to confirm with the service provider that all your documentation is in order before accepting the booking.

Not all shipping companies and vessels allow all kind of dangerous cargo so we might not be able to provide a solution online but contact us to see if we can help you offline.

Yes. Do it online by yourself or contact us. You can create an account anytime and you can navigate through Consolhub to see the system's features. Until you make the payment you can test the system freely.

To finalize a booking, you must complete all the information requested in the registration process but we can give you a demo if you contact us. Don’t wait. Try our Consolidated shipment platform and get international shipping rates for your next consolidated shipment. Start getting freight shipping quotes in just a few clicks.

Choose the payment method that suits you best, you can do it by card, bank wire or Paypal. We have accounts in the US and Mexico at this stage.

If payment is done by card or Paypal, the payment is credited immediately. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, Consolhub will need to validate that the payment is credited to our accounts in order to complete the process.

There are two types of payments. You can pay at when doing the booking or you can pay at arrival depending on your credit terms.

Consolhub will constantly monitor the shipping process with the shipping companies to make sure your cargo arrives at destination as requested. In case an unforeseen event occurs, we ask you to contact us to find out the cause and find the best solution. We will mediate and talk to the shipping company to resolve the issue ASAP.

Please read our terms and conditions in order to prevent any misunderstanding and understand the responsibilities of the shipper, the shipping company and Consolhub.

Actually, hazardous or dangerous cargo is not only big barrels of chemicals products. It is any item or substance that, if not handled properly it could damage the product, the container, other shipments or the environment. These products can be classified as hazardous or dangerous and need a special treatment and cost more to ship.

Some products that are classified as hazardous materials may surprise you such as sprays, perfumes, ammunition, cleaning detergent, matches, incenses, glues, pesticides, magnets, batteries and anything that contains lithium batteries, as phones or laptops or any product prohibited by the law (local): narcotics, armament, etc.

As your cargo is handled as hazardous, it guarantees that your shipment will be safe, that is why you must follow the packaging and handling instructions to the letter.

All the hazardous merchandises are classified by their chemical characteristics and their degree of danger. There are nine different classes. If you do not know the classification of your hazardous merchandise, consult our website by clicking here.

Some ocean freight companies do not handle all types of hazardous materials and thus we might not be able to provide a consolidate services for hazardous cargo on Consolhub.

Consolhub is a platform that is very easy to access and is designed so that you can book a consolidated shipment or groupage services in just a few steps. But if you require any support during the process contact us, either by phone or email and we will be glad help you get the best international shipping quote.

If your booking is not yet in process (pickup or in transit) yes you can do it but please contact us immediately. Until you get confirmation from us that it is canceled the process will continue.

In the case that your shipment has already started and the cargo is in transit, you should also contact us to review the case so we can guide you and know how we can support you. All cases will be analyzed on case by case basis depending on the stage of the shipping process. Any cancellation of a booking already paid will generate a cost depending on the stage It is.

You can know in detail about the cancellations procedures and policies in our Terms and Conditions.

The Terms and Conditions govern the use of the site including the privacy, use of information and specify the responsibilities of the shipper, the shipping company and Consolhub. By using the Consolhub website and or doing a booking via the platform by phone or email you are agreeing to those Terms and Conditions. There are also Cargo Terms and Conditions that you will need to agree at the time of doing a booking. To know more about Terms and Conditions click here.

Consolhub offers the customs clearance in many of the services depending on the country of origin and destination. You can request this service at the time of completing the documentation of your booking. You can also select to do this with your own customs agent. All customs agent fees, taxes or duties ARE NOT included in the sea freight rates provided by Consolhub and will be billed separately.

Once the reservation is made with the shipping company and the vessel has been assigned, we will send you a copy of the BL by email. Depending on the shipping company, the original document might be printed at destination.

Consolhub does not have yet its own online tracking service. However, we will monitor your shipment and you send you the status of your cargo regularly so that you are aware of where your LCL shipment is.